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What does my average day look like? (covid-19 edition)

Despite being a freelance artist - read: writer and actress - when the pandemic erupted, my life has also changed. Just like the lives of many other people. For one, I now travel much less for work. I do a lot of acting work, mostly voice-overs, from home. So a lot of my days go the same, more or less. Here's how it is! :)

What do Czech people look like?

 I discovered that this is a popular question online. Many people are confused about what Czechs look like. Either because they've never met any Czech people in person or because they mistake them for other European nations, such as Polish people, Germans, or Russians. Overall, there's a large variety of looks in the Czech culture. Not as much as in some western countries, though. The Czech Republic is home to a large number of Vietnamese people as well as Slovaks but other than that, it's somewhat rare to come across a person from a different country there. Let's start with...

My first onscreen kiss

There are some firsts in acting you'll never forget. Your first part ever. Your first leading role. Your first award (if you're lucky enough to win one). Your first talent agent and manager. Plus many more. And of course, your first onscreen kiss.